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Click here to pledge for our new Phase II building and sponsership oportunities


Why Would I Buy a Brick?
ARC Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure
ARC Brick and Tiles for Businesses – listings
ARC is now a 501C3 organization, All Donations Tax Deductible.


Status Sheet for the Naming Rights for New ARC Building 
The status sheet shows your donation options for naming rights in areas of the new ARC building.  If you would like to see these areas more clearly please use the Building Information and progress page.  Or you can contact Herb Clark 623-444-7778 or email to  with any questions that you may have.



  1. I recently made a small donation. Pls send me a list of the work you have done to help others in the community or help me find this information on your website. I’m not thrilled about donating to fund a bldg. I think I misunderstood the main focus of your work. Kim

    • Kim the main focus of our club is to bring area residents with automotive needs together with a solution. We get knowledgeable members together with residents seeking knowledge. We also get involved in other charitable organizations within the community
      Check out our past events page to see what we have been up too.


    • ARC has been able to help many community residents in many ways. Our “ARC Angels” have touch the lives of many in the community offering advice, negotiations and free service to many. We were instrumental in working with The Make A Wish foundation to restore a 1972 pick up for a boy with cancer. ARC helps out with volunteers and, tools and equipment at local High Schools. Dysart HS was able to compete in the Great Race this year from San Francisco to Moline, Il due to ARC attracting businesses to donating them parts and etc.

      We also do about 40 Charitable Cars shows each year for other groups. ARC now is in the process of delivering meals on wheels and making regular visits to the retirement homes in the area. We make other contributions and donations to the community. I hope this helps. Thank you for you support!

  2. I am a 75 yr young man with a long time love for cars and all the fun details that go along with them. I am looking so forward to meeting with some of these fellow car lovers and would love if some of you would like to meet up and maybe work on some stuff, or perhaps check out a few cars shows. feel free to email me at my better halfs address:

    Thanks for your time, Best wishes

    Dave Sison

  3. How much will we get from RCSCW?

    • Not sure to what you are referring.

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