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The purpose of eCarmony is to match ARC members who need assistance, advice, tools or equipment with other ARC members who can help with that need.  The assistance can come in the form of specialized knowledge, or simply an extra set of hands. 

If you need assistance, please contact eCarmony administrator Bob Janis at  Provide Bob with a description of your car and an explanation of what kind of help you need.  Your phone number needs to be provided as well

Bob Janis Moderator




  1. I m a new club member and planning a upgrade of my 2 car garage. I would like information on flooring, painting etc.. Any input would be appreciated…

    • Frank, mu suggestion would be to have the floor epoxy coated, not painted. Member Walt Jefferson has good experience in having them applied. You can reach him at

      • Thanks for your input, I will contact Walt.
        PS. this is a fantastic benefit for ARC members

  2. Would like to know of a non dealer collision shop near Sun City West
    that does quality work at a reasonable price

  3. I am a member of the club. I am looking for a source to buy a set of valve covers for a 1970 Buick Skylark with a 350 engine with a 4 barrel. My repair guy thinks that the current cover may no longer fit tight and therefore, has re-leaked. As you look at the engine the cover on the right has two holes, one for oil and one for vac. hose. the other cover has no holes.

    If I can not just buy the covers, any ideas on a source for a kit with them in it??



    • I will post your request on the E-carmony page.

  4. I belong to the club and I own the 1970 Buick Skylark. I am thinking of redoing the engine for seals, gaskets,etc. I have a couple of small oil and transmission leaks. Does anyone know of a club member or other individual who would do this kind of work as a side job? Or do you have any recommendations regarding this issue?

    Second question: I had the car’s underframe etc powerwashed. Is there a treatment that should be done to that exposed frame to protect it in the future?

    Any suggestions please contact Terry at or 651 247-6214 (cell)

    • Please contact Bob Janis Moderator of our Ecarmony page in the education and community area.


  5. Submit your questions here and the moderator will reply!
    or email

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