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A must see video, Margret Dunning interview ” It’s a Hoot!”      Interview Only!

Massive Barn find in Portugal by retiree You-Tube Video!

1930 Bentley 27-Liter – Jay Leno’s Garage

1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car – Jay Leno’s Garage

Restorations In Progress – Jay Leno’s Garage

Get in – Sit Down – Hold On – Shut up   A very, very, very, WILD RIDE!


Amazing Zenn Electric Car

Muscle Car City (converted Wal-Mart)


 Nationwide Car Shows WEB siteDesert Crusers Car Clubs  AZ only





  1. My wife and I just closed in June on the purchase of of a home in SCW. I have a 1960 red and white Corvette now in serious need of restoration; I’ve owned it since 1984. But I’m only a novice shade tree mechanic with skills limited to tuning the engine; I’ve never stripped or painted a car. Plus the car’s been sitting in my heated garage for the past 4 years without attention and isn’t currently running; the battery’s dead and I don’t remember if I added stabil to the gas tank, so it probably has to be drained. We’ll be moving there as soon as we sell our house in Riverside, IL (western suburb of Chicago.)I’m planning to ship the car to our new house in SCW in October, 2017. Is the car a good candidate for group restoration? How long can it be left in your facility while the project proceeds? I see you’re planning a new paint booth. Are there any members skilled enough to paint my car? I ask because I’m not. Looking forward to joining and meeting everyone!

    • Hi I am Mike Majkrzak and I can help you with the body restoration you can reach me at 715-808-5037

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