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June 20 – 28, 2015   ARC has 3 entries running in this years Great Race.

Also we have our own, highly experienced, highly biased reporters.

Be sure to keep-up with the following:

Car #32   Tom and Rod Jones   ARC

Car # 95   Don and Chris Kloth   ARC

Car # 102 Gordon Monten and Lauren Matley   ARC

We’re rooting for all who are assisting these entries. Patty Clark and Mary Jo Monten will be updating us with the latest directly from the race starting June 21.





6/19/2015 We are trying to keep the cars in good shape for the rally.  We need to replace motor mounts on the Ford, Gordy is sealing up his windshield, and it is raining for Don to be in the open car.  Looking forward to driving into calm, dry areas this next week.
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Update Day 1

Update Day 2

Update Day 3  Gordy Buick Day 3

Don K day 3

Update Day 3 Tom

Update Day 4 Tom 

Team #32 in front of the 1960 Ford Fairlane 500 in Santa Fe, NM just after finding out they had a perfect leg on the first leg out of Amarillo.  Our first “ACE” 

See you all in Flagstaff tomorrow night.  Gallup tonight.

 Tom Jones, Suzanne Jones, Taylor Jones, Rod Jones (driver)

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Great Race ACE Team



Update Day 4   

The news from Car #102 was not so good.                      Gordon Montens 38 Buick Towed to SCW


Update Day 5

Car #95, driven by Don Kloth and navigated by Chris Kloth had a great day.                       Don's Great Race Team



Update Day 6

2015 great race day 6 pic5 2015 great race day 6 pic4 2015 great race day 6 pic3 2015 great race day 6 pic22015 great race day 6 pic1








Update Day 7


Day 7 standings


Update Day 8     Lunch

Update Day 8 and 9

Update Day 9 Final Day  Tom