Building Plans




ARC Ground Breaking



The Governing Board voted unanimous to enter into a new contract between the Rec Center and ARC to build our newest 6000+ square foot building.   

Because ARC has agreed to fund the construction of the building, we need to build in phases.  This shows Phase 1.  ARC will continue to raise the funds for continuing phases until our goal is met.

 Current Plans presented to the Rec. Board and County November 2014.          Completed December 2015.

Site_Plan     Floor_Plan (1)     Elevations_North, West(1)     Elevations South, East(2)

Building Operations Manual 11-2-2015

Building Safety Manual 12-15-2015

Building Managers List

Sponsorship-Opportunities-11-24-14, & Pledge Form

Building Progress Pictures

Status Sheet for the Naming Rights on New ARC Facility

The status sheet shows your donation options for naming rights in areas of the new ARC building.  If you would like to see these areas more clearly please use the Floor Plan link above, or you can contact Tom Jones 623-764-3163 or email to with any questions that you may have.