4th Annual Car Show

2016 Car Show&Swap Meet


Drone view of 4th annual



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2016 Car Show Top 5    

1.Howard Washington in a 1968 VW Beetle

2.Chris & Linda Purviance in a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS

3.Wes Rydell in a 1940 Oldsmobile Sedan (Agness)

4.Tony & Debbie Zimbario in a 1931 Ford 5-window Coupe 

5.Rick Kahrs in a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454


Raffle Corvette 2015

 2016 Dream Car RAFFLE WINNER

40th Anniversary Corvette










Did you win the corvette the Automotive/Restoration Club raffled off at their huge car show on Saturday?   If your name is JOE SHEPHERD of SURPRISE you did!  ARC President Herb Clark told the crowd gathered for the drawing ,  “If you phone rings you might want to answer it” as he handed the winning ticket to the deejay to announce the winner.   The number was dialed and suddenly a phone started ringing from about 10 feet away, where folks were sitting on bleachers.   Joe answered his phone, said “hello” and we heard him through the loudspeakers! It was a very exciting moment.   The only thing more exciting and heartwarming was when Joe got up to pose for photos and say a few words, he announced that he was giving the corvette to his son, who was also in attendance. It was something to see –   congratulations Joe Shepherd!!! More photos will be posted from the car show by next week, stay tuned.

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2016 Trophy Sponsors and Winners

Jeri Oman (Cool Raffle) and Bob Perry (Washer & Dryer Raffle) Winners:

Barry Bridges was the AC winner. He elected to take the cash instead, as he all ready had a new unit.

   Patti Clark(ARC Club Member) was the original winner of the washer and dryer.  She donated it back to the Club, so we drew another ticket.  The winner was Cheryl Fabozzi of KC Towing.